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"Eastern Japan Marine Ecosystems Dynamics Project Team"

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The DEM used was updated in May 10th, 2009.

This fine resolution basin database provides basin model over 10 ha sub basins of the Sanriku coastal area, Japan located in the north west Pacific. The data contain watershed boundary, flow path data, flow accumulation and flow direction about the target area created by use of a 10m digital elevation model (DEM).
Instructions on using data
Please cite the following reference.
Yamakita, T. and H. Imaki (2019), Fine resolution basin database using 10m DEM at the area along Sanriku coast of Japan, JAMSTEC Rep. Res. Dev., 28, 54-60, doi: 10.5918/jamstecr.28.54

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OrganizationJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
AffiliationThe Eastern Japan Marine Ecosystems Dynamics Project Team, Research Unit for Habitat Mapping
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NameProject4: Data Sharing and Publication by Development and Operation of Information Systems for TEAMS
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