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It is reported that T-5 probes produced by Tsurumi Seiki Co. Ltd. (TSK T-5 probes) have a fall-rate bias. Please see the following about publication policy of XBT fall-rate bias correction data.
Publication policy of XBT fall-rate bias correction data
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The Data shall belong to each organization. Please check the conditions of use of each organization.
Please refer to "Conditions of Use" for details.
Conditions of Use
Data and Sample Research System for Whole Cruise Information in JAMSTEC (DARWIN)
SHINSEI MARU KS-17-J04 Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) Fall-rate bias corrected

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  • 2017/02/23

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    OrganizationJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
    AffiliationAnalyses of Changes in East Japan Marine Ecosystems Research and Development Group (JAM-TEAMS), Marine Biodiversity and Environmental Assessment Research Center (BioEnv)
    Admin NameShinji Tsuchida


    NameProject4: Data Sharing and Publication by Development and Operation of Information Systems for TEAMS
    OrganizationData management institute

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