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Comment about Data and Quality
Time zone : JST
Instructions on using data
Please contact Kazumasa Oguri on the occasion of the data use.
The Data shall belong to each organization. Please check the conditions of use of each organization.
Basic Policies on the Handling of Data and Samples

Research Information

  • Research Period and Interval
  • 2018/07/03 - 2018/08/22 (Observation interval : 1 hour)

  • Station List
  • Point
    Point : M-3, Off Otsuchi bay
    Mooring Point : 339m in water depth

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    OrganizationJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
    AffiliationMarine Biodiversity and Environmental Assessment Research Center
    Admin NameKazumasa Oguri


    NameProject4: Data Sharing and Publication by Development and Operation of Information Systems for TEAMS
    OrganizationData management institute

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