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[PDO] Pacific Decadal Oscillation
[AMO] Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation
[Interface width(mm)] the distance between consecutive growth lines along the interface between the outer portions of the outer layers(oOL) and the inner portions of the outer layers(iOL).
[Vertical width(mm)] the perpendicular distance between consecutive growth lines.
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Instructions on using data :
The data shall belong to each organization. Please check the conditions of use of each organization.

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Please refer to the following citation when you use it.
Shirai, K., Kubota, K., Murakami-Sugihara, N., Seike, K., Hakozaki, M., & Tanabe, K. (2018). Stimpson's hard clam Mercenaria stimpsoni; A multi-decadal climate recorder for the northwest Pacific coast. Marine environmental research, 133, 49-56.

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  • 2010/09/06 - 2013/09/03

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    OrganizationAtmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
    AffiliationInternational Coastal Research Center Coastal Ecosystem
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    NameProject4: Data Sharing and Publication by Development and Operation of Information Systems for TEAMS
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