Tohoku Ecosystem-Associated Marine Sciences - TEAMS

Implementation System: FY2011-FY2015
Implementation System
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Role of Committees, etc.

TEAMS Committee (Tohoku Marine Science Project Committee)

A committee established in MEXT to advise TEAMS on how to perform the research program appropriately. Responsible Bodies: MEXT

Board of Representatives from TEAMS’

Decide a course of action for the research program and promote it. Responsible Bodies: Representatives from TEAMS’ Member Institutes

TEAMS Management Bureau

Understand the situation of the whole research program and take measures required to promote it.
Help communication among Tohoku University, AORI, and JAMSTEC, and secure coordination with outside organizations. Promote dissemination of information on the research program, and the results of our investigations and research, by holding symposiums and performing outreach activities (activities to introduce the general public to our research results).
Responsible Bodies: Chairman from TEAMS’ Member Institutes

Marine Environmental

Research Task Group

Reach a common understanding on the methods used to obtain physical and chemical environmental data and on quality control of the data obtained. Responsible Bodies: AORI

Marine Organism

Research Task Group

Promote the sharing of information on where, when, what, and how biological investigations are performed. Responsible Bodies: Tohoku University

Data Management

Task Group

Coordinate matters relating to the collection, organization, storage, dissemination, etc., of various data obtained during the research program. Responsible Bodies: JAMSTEC

Public Relations

Task Group

The effective publicity work of TEAMS project is promoted. Responsible Bodies: Tohoku University

TEAMS General


Promote the sharing of information during the research program and strengthen the cooperation among the participating institutes. Responsible Bodies: Tohoku University, AORI, JAMSTEC
External Advisory Bodies

We will report the details and progress of research conducted in the Tohoku MS center to external advisory bodies, and seek their advice. In addition, we will seek advice, when necessary, from the relevant local governments, research institutes, etc., to ensure the research reflects the needs of the disaster-affected areas.


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